We’re giving $100k USD to Genesis NFT Holders.

It’s been a while since our last Genesis NFT benefit, and we know that everyone has been anxiously waiting.

>>Benefit #1 — Guaranteed Allocations of all Future Xverse NFT Collections
>>Benefit #2 — Priority access to all Future RO:MONG and MyPick Services

First a few updates:

1. We will be conducting our IDO on Dexlab. Whitelist opens November 26th:


2. Wallet integration is in process and soon you will be able to login to MyPick using your Solana wallet.

3. Further CEX Listings are planned after the IDO

4. Genesis NFT packs will be openable very soon.

Now without further ado, Benefit #3:

We are happy to announce the Xverse Giveaway.

For 10 Weeks starting Mid-December, we will be giving away $10,000 worth of $XVC tokens EVERY week.

Genesis NFT holders are our early supporters, and we believe the best way to reward our Genesis NFT holders is by continuing to provide incentives for holding.

Each week, a random snapshot of Genesis NFT holders will be taken, and each Genesis NFT holder receive 1 entry ticket for FREE. Each Entry ticket has 1 chance to be a winner.

Note, Genesis Holders will have to login to MyPick weekly to claim their entry ticket.

Each week will have a different number of winners, and the conditions/terms will change on a weekly basis. Some weeks will be open to the public, other weeks will only be open to Genesis NFT holders. Either way, Genseis NFT Holders will be GUARANTEED at least 1 ticket every week.

For the first week, we will be giving 1 Genesis holder $10,000 worth of $XVC tokens, and only Genesis NFT holders will qualify.
Additional tickets can be purchased for 0.025 SOL

For the Second week, the event will be open to the public. 5 Winners will receive $10,000 in $XVC evenly split between them.
Genesis Holders will receive 1 free ticket, and be able to purchase additional tickets for 0.025 SOL and non holders will be able to purchase additional tickets for 0.05

For the Third week, the event will only be open to Genesis holders. 10 Winners will recieve $10,000 in $XVC evenly split between them.
Genesis Holders will receive 1 free ticket, and be able to purchase additional tickets for 0.025 SOL.

4th through 10th week events will be announced shortly.

Solana raised through ticket sales will be used to buyback and burn $XVC tokens from market.

We will have more detailed post soon regarding the giveaway event, along with how to claim tickets, and participate soon, so stay tuned. The Xverse giveaway event is scheduled to start in December of 2021. We will post an exact timeline shortly.

Remember, we still have 2 more benefits we are excited to share with the community, and will continue to share the remaining benefits over the next few months.

Rewards from the giveaway will be sent to winners MyPick accounts.

Vesting rules: 50% of reward, 30 day cliff. 15% week 5, 15% week 6, 20% week 7

Above is scheduled to change, and we reserve the right to change and adapt the rules of the event in the future.


XVERSE is the #1 mobile VR-AR software and metaverse blockchain corporation. Backed by our Partners including, Animoca Brands, Vestigium, GBV, x21, and more, Our mission is to build the most content-rich, easy-development, cost-effective, and accessible VR AR platform based on blockchain technology.

Learn More:

Homepage: https://xverse.ai



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