Xverse’s Facial Recognition Technology

Avatars play an integral role in the Xverse metaverse. Users will control avatars , and will interact with other avatars within our metaverse.
One of the core ways that we are creating real value for our users is by utilizing our AR / VR technology to allow users to create digital versions of themselves.

Within the Xverse services: RO:Mong and Mypick, users will be able to create avatars that resemble their faces, to be used in the metaverse. Rather than creating an avatar based on limited pre-configured customization options, users will now be able to have their own unique avatar modeled after themselves.

This level of customization is accomplished through facial recognition technology. Xverse’s facial recognition technology was developed by using real data from over 10 million human faces through deep learning, and measuring 40 unique traits across each image.

Each trait in the below image, are tracked differences in human facial features, and can be adjusted to various types allowing for life-like avatars to be created.

The 40 unique traits extracted from each users face will be converted into data, and then processed by our avatar generation engine. The data is then reprocessed and an avatar is generated featuring similar features as the user.

In addition, users can customize their avatars additionally by adjusting their faces (eyes, nose, mouth, skin color etc). This will allow users to have full control over their avatars and ensure that their avatar is completely unique!

Within our upcoming MyPick service, users’ avatars (MyBrick) will feature individual user faces.

>> MyPick — Community based NFT Platform <<

Avatar Creation Flow

The process to generate an avatar are below:

1. Users download the MyPick app and take a selfie.
2. The users face is analyzed by Xverse’s core engine, and the data is uploaded and processed.
3. The result is displayed on the users screen.

Avatar Creation Workflow

Avatar Generation Engine

The avatar engines core process functions as below:

1. Our software recognizes a face portrait, and the image is uploaded for processing
2. Individual facial traits within the image are extracted from the image
3. Avatar Generation Engine uses the extracted data to process an unique avatar

The Xverse Avatar Generation Engine, allows users to easily generate avatars resembling themselves, and gives users the tools to fully customize their avatar freely.

Avatar Engine Core Process

With the launch of our full digital ecosystem, featuring avatars, virtual space and virtual assets coming up soon, We hope that everyone is excited as we are to meet your digital (avatar) twin!


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