Xverse x Crypto Hustle — AMA Recap

Here is a recap of our recent AMA with Crypto Hustle on August 17th.

My name is Brian ,and I am the Global Marketing Director for Xverse. I have been working in the crypto industry since 2017 and have led marketing for numerous projects and exchanges, and am excited to be working with the Xverse team. My role is to plan and execute the global marketing strategy, and ensure steady long term growth of our project, sharing the news and updates to the community, and finding new opportunities to grow our business!

XVERSE is a social metaverse ecosystem being built on the Solana network.

To put it simply, we are building the tools and foundations for a metaverse platform allowing users to interact and connect with each other.
Currently our ecosystem revolves around two core services, MyPick and RO:Mong.

MyPick is our NFT collection platform, allowing users to purchase rare and exclusive NFTs commissioned on behalf of our partners.
In addition users will be able to generate their own personal avatar, and customize their avatar using NFT cosmetics.
Within the platform will be a social community where users can discuss and share their NFT collections, and also minigames including MyGround (decentralized board game), that allows users to bring their unique avatars into online multiplayer games!
MyPick will also feature a marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade their NFT items with other users!

Ro:Mong is our upcoming virtual world, where users will be able to freely roam around and explore various environments using their MyPick avatars.
Some things that you can expect in Ro:Mong, would be to go shopping at a virtual mall , going on virtual dates with other users, going skydiving off of mountains, anything that the user can imagine, will be available to do.
This is in part due to our SDK that will allow developers to create their own virtual environments on top of the Ro:Mong platform.

So we’ve decided to build on the Solana Network for numerous reasons.
To build a successful metaverse we found that there are 3 critical elements. Speed, Transparency, and Scalability.
Most importantly at XVERSE we’re all about mass adoption and creating a user-friendly experience for our users, and we’re all aware of the high cost of gas fees on other networks.
As our metaverse will allow users to transact in digital items, we need to ensure that users are able to make transactions with reasonable gas fees.
In addition, as we plan to sell numerous exclusive limited supply NFT collections , Solana’s “Proof-of-History” allows us to ensure fair and transparent transaction history.
Finally, speed. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between blockchain and your everyday user.

So while the back-end is built on blockchain technology, having a 60 second confirmation time to buy a new NFT is definitely not a good user experience.
Solana fits all of the requirements and as a result we’ve chosen the Solana Network.

The XVC token is the main currency within our Xverse platform.
We’re working on building numerous use cases including a reputation system, marketplace, reward, and staking system utilizing our XVC token.
I want to emphasize that everything within our metaverse will revolve around the $XVC token.
Similar to how Roblox uses ROBUX, XVC will be the main currency used within our ecosystem, and across all of our different services.

We believe that the Metaverse is the future, and that the future is the Metaverse 🥳.
So we’re constantly focusing on our next steps and ensuring a constantly evolving platform.

First, I want to invite interested users into our telegram (https://t.me/xversecommunity) as we continue to share our latest updates and development process.

So currently we are aiming to launch our MyPick service in September, along with our initial set of digital collectibles.
Ro:Mong is planned for open beta shortly after in Q4 of this year as well.

We plan to continue to build on our ecosystem, offering new minigames, features, and tools. Such as the launch of our MyGround minigame, that users will be able to bring their NFT customized avatars into and compete against other users!

A few things that we’re working on as well include “CreatorX”, our user-friendly studio allowing anyone to easily create their own NFT items and sell them on our marketplace.
In addition, our upcoming SDK for developers will allow developers to create their own virtual worlds within our ecosystem , and we believe we are one of the first blockchain platforms to provide such tools to the public.

This is just a small taste, and like I’ve mentioned we are continually monitoring the market and trends, and plan on bringing services that can be enjoyed by all users globally!

Sure, so outside of what I mentioned before and onto the business side of things, we’re planning on launching our IDO very shortly, giving the public a chance to own their part of the Xverse ecosystem! Some additional things that we have planned are most importantly a global exchange listing, an extensive global marketing campaign to bring in new users, along with finding new and exciting ways to build our ecosystem.

I do want to mention as we’re targeting a global market, and as we’re bridging the virtual and real words, for our virtual economy to have real life value, we consider listing on a major exchange to be a top priority.

In addition we want to bring our Xverse ecosystem onto Android and IOS platforms for users to be able to access from anywhere, which we believe will open up more opportunities and bring more users onboard globally!

Finally, we plan on expanding partnerships and offering new and exclusive opportunities for our users to obtain NFTs.

In the crypto world, I’m sure as everyone knows two years is a very long time and our roadmap is constantly being updated as we find new and innovative ways to build the best metaverse possible!

Thanks for the question. I completely understand this perspective and as a crypto investor myself have seen many projects abandoned as well and definitely understand the concern.

The good news is, this isn’t an issue.

First, we have closed our Seed and Private rounds and raised over $2.7 Million dollars, from major investors including Animoca Brands, Vestigium, Genesis Block Ventures and many other great firms. We’re very thankful for the support from our early investors, and are constantly working together to ensure long-term success.


Funds are not an issue, as our investors truly believe in what we’re building and have pledged their support. In addition, we have set aside our budget for years of runway and complete development of everything we’re planning.

In terms of our team, our team consists of experienced C-Level executives from major successful companies, and have built many successful startups in the past.

A large number of our team was educated overseas as well including at the University of Austin and UC Berkley, and as a result we understand how to succeed not just domestically but in a global market.

Thank you for this question. So currently we are working with global partners , and developing strong loyal communities across different countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea (where we’re from!) is a major priority for us. We have a large network of global partners who are excited for the $XVC metaverse, and are working working with us to ensure that we grow strong communities across various regions.

We understand that English is not the first language for most of the people globally, and as a result within our Xverse metaverse, users will be able to form their own communities based on their own interests, experiences, and interact in a language that is native too them!

Yes you are correct we are currently in a Boom NFT market, and it sure is exciting times to be involved in this sphere.

With the NFTs in the Xverse ecosystem, our main competitive advantage would be our partners. For example, for our upcoming MyPick launch in September we plan on launching a limited edition set of NFT items based on famous Korean rapper DOK2


By working with famous artists and celebrities, we solve the issue of mass adoption of NFTs as well, as many of these artists hold large fanbases, ensuring a healthy demand for rare and exclusive items of their favorite artist.

DOK2 is just the start, we have many famous brands and artists in the works (will be announced very soon! I promise!), and by creating these limited edition NFTs we believe that there is true value to be found within our ecosystem.

In addition, as users are able to create their own NFTs and sell them to other users, users will be incentivized to create high quality NFTs with demand, rather than just minting low-effort NFTs.

Finally, this should in addition bring in artists on their own accord to utilize our large global userbase.

Of course, we believe that having a strong community of users is the most important factor in a projects success.

The good news for you as a developer is that you DO have the ability to contribute to the project.

Within our RO:Mong virtual world, user spaces will be user created by using our SDK.
That means you will be able to design and develop your OWN space with your OWN rules.

In addition our reputation system will incentivize high quality work, and by constantly providing good content and showing yourself as a good contributor to the community, on top of personal fame, we think that users will have many opportunities to grow their own personal goals.

We’re all moving to the metaverse, and the community has a chance to mark their spot!

Great question, and I completely agree. Long term vision and mission are important but in the crypto markets short term objectives are important as well.

Currently, we are focusing on building our MyPick platform which is scheduled for release in September (Next month!) and will allow users to purchase rare and exclusive NFT items.
In addition our RO:Mong beta is set for launch in Q4 of this year as well.
These are our current main focuses!

GREAT Question. So yes you are correct when you say that users can share AR/VR content together.
Our target market for the platform is the general population and as such we are designing our platform to be as user friendly as possible and require minimum technical knowledge.

For example our CreatorX studio will allow any user to create and upload their own digital NFT without requiring any coding knowledge.
In addition, since the foundation is there, users will be able to simply design their avatars similar to how character creation screens on video games, and have their own unique avatar custom made. If you can use a mouse, you can have your own custom-made avatar!

Of course, our view on this is that the more users we bring into our ecosystem, the more added value that is created.
As $XVC tokens will be the main currency within our metaverse, it will be sought after by not only investors but also by users like Axie Infinity.

In order to bring new users onboard, we plan to offer dynamic events, along with exclusive NFTs in collaboration with famous brands and artists.

The bottom line is that the service has to be very fun & easy to play. Then we believe new users will increase rapidly, not to mention we have a long term strategy in place to bring new users onto our platform.
Currently we expect to launch our initial round of NFTs featuring famous KPOP artists, and we expect that their fans will be interested even though they are not traditional crypto investors.
This is just an example of some of the bigger things we have planned.

Sure, within our platform user avatars play an important role, and we have created our facial recognition engine that will analyze a user’s photo and measure 40 unique traits.

Our deep learning algorithm is learning from over 10 million images, so we expect real user avatars to have infinite customization options.

No two avatars will be the same!

In addition through our marketplace, users will be able to buy and sell NFT digital assets including cosmetics for their avatars.
Creators will be able to create content and sell them to other users as well!
Content creators will be able to earn XVC in return for selling their own content in NFTs.
As we do not directly reward users for content, users will be incentivized to create high quality content that will be in demand from other users.
In addition, Users’ popularity can be maximized by interacting with other users in Ro:Mong, so users will be incentivized to participate!

The biggest advantage that we see have with Xverse is that our avatar creation system allows users to create their own “digital twin” within our metaverse.
Instead of having to choose from premade characters, users can literally clone themselves digitally, and bring them into the Metaverse.

In addition, compared to non-blockchain metaverse players, by utilizing blockchain technology, we are able to offer users transparency when it comes to ownership of digital assets, along with security to ensure that each users assets are safe.

Finally, we are creating real value for our users through our different minigames, such as MyGround which allow users to bring their avatars into minigames.

RO:Mongs Beta is set to launch in October of this year, and will allow users to bring their avatars into a virtual world. I personally have had a chance to test out our early versions and I am super excited to share more information on Ro:Mong as we get closer to the launch date.

Our concept of a digital identity refers to the actions and results of each user within our metaverse.
Similar to how your customization choices in real life, the places you go, the people you meet define your identity, within the Xverse ecosystem your digital identity is crafted in the same way.

Users can differentiate themselves from other users through deep customization of their avatars. Users will be able to outfit their avatar with a wide variety of items to ensure that their “identity” is unique.

In addition, within the Ro:mong service, each user will only be allowed to create one login account. Users will shape their digital identity within Ro:Mong by customizing their avatars and creating their own virtual environment and space.
As users interact with the platform and other users, these interactions are recorded by our service algorithm (in case of abusers, trolling).

The use of facial recognition (biometrics) to create an unique avatar, while not required, is an additional option as well to help define your digital identity even further.


XVERSE is the #1 mobile VR-AR software and metaverse blockchain corporation. Backed by our Partners including, Animoca Brands, Vestigium, GBV, x21, and more, Our mission is to build the most content-rich, easy-development, cost-effective, and accessible VR AR platform based on blockchain technology.

Learn More:

Homepage: https://xverse.ai

The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.

The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.