Xverse Token Distribution

2 min readNov 28, 2021


With our IDO ongoing on DEXLAB many users have been asking for a clear vesting / lockup schedule regarding our $XVC tokens.

We have prepared this brief article to explain the token distribution schedule of $XVC tokens.

The $XVC token is a multi-purpose utility token, to be used as the main currency within all Xverse ecosystem services including RO:Mong, MyPick, and for governance of the Xverse platform.

Total Supply: 400,000,000 XVC Tokens
Contract Address: 25Vu6457o2gdZRGVVt5K8NbAvaP3esYaQNHbNDitVtw1
IDO Price: $0.065 / XVC

The initial circulating supply of $XVC tokens following the IDO will be 14,197,889 $XVC , setting the IDO price Marketcap at $922,000.

Seed/Private/Strategic round tokens are subject to a small % released at TGE, with a 18–24 month vesting schedule

IDO tokens are fully unlocked and tradable.

All Team / Advisor / Marketing / Reserve tokens have a 6 to 18 Month Lockup and vest over 12–24 months after the lockup period.

Ecosystem Reward Tokens are unlocked on a monthly basis in 36 equal tranches, are will be used as incentives for users to participate within the $XVC ecosystem. For example, users will be able to claim tokens from our upcoming P2E game, and the rewards will be allocated from the Ecosystem Reward Pool. Note that the ecosystem reward pool represents a maximum . For example if 5m tokens are unlocked in a monthly tranche, but users only claim 1m , the remaining will not be circulating until users claim in the future.

Liquidity Fund tokens are not for distribution, and will not be circulating. Liquidity fund tokens will be only enter circulating if the team deems necessary for sufficient market liquidity.


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