Xverse Genesis NFT Drop

5 min readSep 13, 2021


Our vision at Xverse is to build the most engaging and immersive blockchain-based metaverse and to connect users globally across our vast ecosystem.

As we near the launch of our MyPick NFT platform, We are excited to announce that to celebrate the launch we will be releasing an exclusive collection of 500 Xverse Genesis NFTs.

Within our MyPick Platform, our upcoming MyGround game, and our Ro:Mong Metaverse, MyBricks are the main user avatar representing your Xverse identity. Ranging from basic all the way to legendary, avatars will be at the core of how users interact within the ecosystem.

Basic MyBrick

Users will be able to use MyBricks as their main profile picture, as well as their in-game character within our platform services.

Within the next few days, we will be opening up Whitelisting for our exclusive collection of Genesis MyBricks which can be redeemed using our Xverse Genesis NFT.

With only 500 Xverse Genesis NFTs being minted, each NFT shares an exclusive and landmark role within Xverse, and the associated avatars will also share in that exclusivity.

Each pixel of the Genesis MyBrick features randomly generated colors, setting each Genesis MyBrick apart.

Some MyBricks will feature multiple colors, others will be a single color. Each color pattern is randomly generated ensuring that each and every MyBrick is unique and exclusive.

There will only be a total of 500 Genesis MyBricks created, and each has been designed to truly stand out among standard MyBricks across our platform.

Each Genesis MyBrick features a Full-3D model as well, allowing users to view the rarity across any angle.

Traits are available as well, for example, the above image features a super-rare MyBrick, with diamond eyes as and additional decorations.

Here’s a small sample of a few of the MyBricks that you can look forward to.

This is just a small sample of the 500 that will be available to our Genesis NFT holders.

Genesis NFT Whitelisting

As mentioned before There will only be a total of 500 Genesis MyBricks created, and each has been designed to truly stand out among standard MyBricks across our platform.

The majority of our Genesis NFTs are reserved for our community members and early supporters who are here with us at the start of our exciting upcoming launches.

Genesis MyBricks can be Minted using the Xverse Genesis NFT

Xverse Genesis NFTs will be made available to White-listed users at a price of 1 Solana, on a random drawing basis.

450 randomly selected white-listed users will be given an opportunity to purchase a Xverse Genesis NFT.

50 white-list allocations will be made available via future events.

By completing tasks and referring friends, users will gain additional entries, and a higher chance to secure a whitelist position.

As some Whitelisted users may choose not to purchase their NFTs during the purchase time period, Unsold Genesis NFTs will be made available to the public on a FCFS basis.

As there is no guaranteed amount of NFTs available to the public, participating in the whitelist event is the best way to secure an allocation.

Whitelist details will be provided soon within our telegram so be sure to join to be the first to sign up, be active and get a headstart on the competition!

>> https://t.me/xverseofficial<<

Genesis Avatar Minting

By purchasing a Genesis NFT you will have the option to mint a rare MyBrick Genesis Avatar once our minting system is online

In the meantime early supporters who are holding the Genesis NFT will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Chances to obtain XVC Tokens
  • Priority Access to future Xverse NFT collections
  • Access to Private Channel for Genesis Holders
  • Dedicated VIP Support team
  • Exclusive Chances to win rare NFT drops
  • Priority Beta access to Future Ro:Mong and MyPick Services
  • Access to exclusive merch auctions
  • Additional Benefits are being prepared and will be announced shortly

Once sold out, Genesis NFTs will be available via open marketplace from other users.

Whitelist will open within a few days, more information will be posted to our telegram first.

>> https://t.me/xverseofficial<<


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