Xverse Blockchain (XBLOCK)

Xverse’s metaverse requires a secure, stable and high throughput blockchain.

Hence, we have selected to build our “XBLOCK” on the Solana network.

Solana is a PoS blockchain with similarities to PBFT blockchains, and currently supports 50,000 TPS in closed testnet environments. In addition, there are currently over 200 nodes, making Solana one of the highest performing decentralized networks in the world.

Solana introduces to transactions “Proof of History (POH)”. Transactions on the Solana network are embedded with timestamps, ensuring that transactions are processed according to their actual sequence. This unique timestamp prevents front-running, along with reordering of transactions within a single block.

In addition, because of the timestamp data added to each transaction, a sense of time is added to the blockchain. As a result, Solana’s “Proof of Replication” reordering of the CBC blocks is not necessary. This allows for quick verification of transactions, reduces network resources, and allows for large amounts of data to be stored on across a distributed ledger.

<Figure 1: Solana transaction flow throughout the network>

A healthy NFT ecosystem requires both buyers and sellers. While there is value is holding digital assets in a wallet, we believe that giving users the ability to utilize those assets across various platforms will create additional demand for the said uses. Instead of just targeting speculators, the Xverse ecosystem invites users to use their assets across our upcoming metaverse.
As a result, we have designed our metaverse around digital assets, and are building to tools for users to fully utilize their assets.

In our blockchain-based metaverse, user identities (Avatars) and items (Digital Assets) are represented by NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Xverse’s users have the true ownership of digital assets through the Xverse system. When the assets are available for trade, their value can be decided by real world market forces, and the opportunities for users to earn real profits are created.

Xverse’s XBLOCK is built to provide necessary elements for building a metaverse, and each element becomes its own module. The functions supported by each module are available to be accessed via API in order to lower the barrier of entry for development.

The image below shows the architectural structure of XBLOCK.

<Figure 2: XBLOCK (Xverse Metaverse Blockchain) Architecture >

Controller — The Controller module is responsible for managing in-game currency, user reputation levels, user avatars, digital assets, and users cryptocurrency.

NFT Core — The NFT Core module provides the tools to create new NFTs

MyPick — The MyPick module provides the necessary elements for a metaverse based marketplace.

CreatorX — The CreatorX module is a toolkit used to build the metaverse.

Wallet — The Wallet module functions as a cryptocurrency wallet for users.

With the launch of our full digital ecosystem, featuring avatars, virtual space and virtual assets coming up soon, We hope that everyone is excited as we are for our next generation metaverse.

Check out the following articles for a sneak peek of what we are building.

>> MyPick — Community based NFT Platform

>> MyGround — Decentralized board game


XVERSE is the #1 mobile VR-AR software and metaverse blockchain corporation. Backed by our Partners including, Animoca Brands, Vestigium, GBV, x21, and more, Our mission is to build the most content-rich, easy-development, cost-effective, and accessible VR AR platform based on blockchain technology.

Learn More:

Homepage: https://xverse.ai



The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.

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The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.