$XVC Token IDO Guide

We have announced our IDO with Dexlab a few days, ago and users have raised questions on how to participate. We have prepared a quick guide for our users on how to participate within the IDO.

0.8% of the total supply of $XVC will be available for users to purchase during the IDO at a fixed price of $0.065 USD per XVC.

The initial circulating supply of $XVC tokens following the IDO will be 14,197,889 $XVC , setting the IDO price Marketcap at $922,000.

Tokens purchased during the IDO are fully unlocked, and raised funds will be immediately added to liquidity

The $XVC Token sale will take place in two parts on Dexlab.

To participate in the Token Sale, users will need to whitelist on Dexlab

Whitelist Period: 2021–11–26 15:00:00 ~ 2021–11–29 03:00:00(UTC)

Token Purchase Period: 2021–12–01 15:00:00 ~ 2021–12–03 15:00:00(UTC)

Token Distribution Period: 2021-12-04 15:00:00(UTC) ~

There will be two sales methods used during the sale on Dexlab.

Note; to participate you will need a Solana wallet.
We recommend using Phantom Wallet , but Dexlab supports most Solana wallets including solflare, sollet, and coin98 wallet.

Ranking Sale

90% of the sale amount is allocated to the DEXLAB ranking.

Users can purchase and hold $DXL tokens in their Solana Wallet, and the top XXX users (this number will be announced by dexlab once whitelist opens) will recieve a prorated allocation based on their overall ranking of holdings.

EXAMPLE (These are just example numbers not real)

Rank 1 user will be allowed to purchase 1000 Tokens
Rank 2–5 Users will be allowed to purchase 500 tokens
Rank 6–20 users will be alllowed to purchase 200 tokens
Rank 21–100 users will be allowed to purchase 100 tokens
Rank 100–500 users will be allowed to purchase 50 tokens


You will be able to check your ranking in real-time on the whitelist page found here:https://trade.dexlab.space/#/v2/ido/5969305f-e59d-4ffe-be8a-eaf9e606bd33

The best way to rank high is to own more $DXL tokens. Every day, the average number of $DXL tokens held in the wallet is snapshotted, and your daily average affects your overall ranking.

$DXL tokens can be purchased on Dexlab:


Lottery Sale

10% of the sale amount is allocated to the DexLab lottery.

Users that hold more than 100 $DXL tokens are able to whitelist, and will automatically be entered in the lottery.

Lottery winners will receive an equal allocation. The number of Lottery winners is decided by Dexlab, and will be announced shortly.

EXAMPLE 1 (These are just example numbers not real)

1000 users holding 100 $DXL tokens have entered the whitelist, and there are 10,000 tokens total for sale.
500 users will be randomly selected and be able to purchase 20 tokens each,

EXAMPLE 2 (These are just example numbers not real)

1000 users holding 100 $DXL tokens have entered the whitelist, and there are 100,000 tokens total for sale.
1000 users will be randomly selected and be able to purchase 100 tokens each,

The final number of winners and allocations per winners will be announced prior to the sale.

Thank you everyone for your support over the past few months, and we want to assure our community that the $XVC IDO is just the start of the excited things we have planned. We hope to share more information soon with everyone


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