RO:Mong Preview#2

Gong — Your own Metaverse Space

As RO:Mong user, you will be able to create and hold your own virtual metaverse space called “Gong”. Gong is dedicated to every user that participates in the ecosystem, and users will be able to best expresses their interests and personalities with the features of NFTs and Avatar.

Metaverse Interaction and Community

In the Gong, you can visualize your space you’ve been dreaming of. You can share and brag about a collection of artistic valuable NFTs with your friends around the world, and you can even organize and hold various events.

Commence your 2nd Generation with RO:Mong

RO:Mong is a open-community based Metaverse that allows users to create and interact based on the behavior of finding and creation of lifestyle online. You in RO:Mong can infinitely create multiple meta-egos that can express characteristics, personality, taste and values ​​of reality.


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