RO:Mong Preview#1

3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Many users have been asking for updates on our upcoming RO:Mong metaverse, and how it differs from existing metaverse platforms.

In short, RO:Mong is social metaverse focused on allowing users to express their digital identities and create online relationships with users based on shared interests.

Here is a brief preview of RO:Mong

A limited functionality web version of RO:Mong will be released first on MyPick in March, followed by the full app version in late 2022.

Getting started on RO:Mong is easy.

First, users can create their profiles, and tag select their username, along with tagging their interests. The interest tags will allow RO:Mong to shape personal experience in RO:Mong based on your interests.

Next, Users can choose their avatar.
Note: that there is no creating or making an avatar.

RO:Mong provides a variety of basic avatar types for free, so users can choose from the provided selection of basic avatars. Alternatively, users can choose a NFT Avatar from their personal NFT collection for use in RO:Mong.

NFT Avatars can be purchased on the MyPick Marketplace

Finally, it’s time for selecting ‘Gong’, your personal and visual space in RO:Mong. ‘Gong’ works like a personal page on an SNS. You can decorate your ‘Gong’ with many kinds of virtual goods including your NFTs.

We will release various collections of Gong for free along with monetizable NFT capabilities. You can share your Gong, and share your collection of valuable NFTs to other users.

Decorate your “Gong”, your personalized metaverse space.

Once you have finished setting up your “Gong” your profile setup is complete.

Get ready to enter the future metaverse in RO:Mong, by getting your profile setup and ready for release!


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