Post Genesis Sale: The Next Steps

We have completed our Genesis Sale NFT selling out in 15 minutes. We would like to thank all the participants, and also congratulate the lucky few who were able to snap up a Genesis NFT.

Many in the community have raised questions and we are planning on addressing here the next steps, along with providing a brief product update.

As many are wondering when the packs can be opened, this article is to provide a brief overview of what to expect over the next coming weeks.

Opening of the MyPick Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace will be opening very very soon. Development is complete, and we are currently waiting for audit results before conducting a full launch. Once our marketplace is open, users will be able to buy / sell their Unopened Genesis NFT packs to each other priced in $SOL.

Benefits for Genesis NFT Holders

In addition, we are currently preparing an announcement regarding the specific details of the benefits that Genesis NFT Holders will receive. We anticipate announcing this in sync with the launch of our Marketplace, truly letting the market decide what the announced benefits are worth. Without spilling too many beans, we are VERY excited to announce the benefits for our Genesis Club and hope that users are excited as well!

Opening of the Packs

Pack opening will be available near the time of our IDO. We have designed 10 special ultra-rare avatars as well. Rarity traits will be announced at the time as well. In addition, we are in talks with various Solana-based marketplaces regarding the listing of XVerse NFTs.


We are currently in talks with numerous platforms regarding our IDO sale for the $XVC token. Currently we are looking at dates in November, along with listings to follow shortly after.

And More

We have more surprises and NFTs planned and hope to announce more information soon. We thank everyone for their continued support during these exciting times, and are looking forward to sharing what we’ve been building, with everyone soon :)


XVERSE is the #1 mobile VR-AR software and metaverse blockchain corporation. Backed by our Partners including, Animoca Brands, Vestigium, GBV, x21, and more, Our mission is to build the most content-rich, easy-development, cost-effective, and accessible VR AR platform based on blockchain technology.

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The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.

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The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.

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