MyYut Game Rules

3 min readFeb 3, 2022


MyYut, YutNori, is a traditional Korean board game in which the player who throws a stick and moves as many horses as possible to the final destination wins the game.

The video below is the easiest way to learn the rules of the MyYut game:

Each set consits of 1 board, 5 sticks, and 3 pieces tokens (avatars) for each player. Looking firstly at the game board the aim is to return all of your tokens back to the start. If you are lucky enough to stop on one of the corner squares you can take a short cut.

If two face up, then two steps; and so on. If they all face down, then 5 steps. One stick should be labeled “Back”, which means, if this particular stick is the only stick that faces up, then the player has to move his/her piece backward by one step. If all 4 sticks face up or down, then the player gets to go again. At each turn, the player may choose to place and/or move one or multiple pieces on the board at his/her discretion.

The pieces should follow the arrows in the diagram above. However, if a piece lands at a corner (the light-colored dots in the diagram), the player can choose to take shortcuts (diagonal route) instead. If one piece happens to land on the same dot as another piece from the same player, the player can choose to have that piece “piggyback” the first piece. However, if one piece lands on the same dot as another piece from a different player, the later piece can “eat up” the earlier piece and send the earlier piece back to Home to start all over. In the event that a piece “eats up” another piece from a different player, the later player gets to go again.

Players can choose to designate a dot on the board as “heaven” and another as “hell”. If a piece lands on “heaven” and the player yells “hallelujah” before all other players, then that piece returns Home immediately, or else, that piece has to complete the remaining course. If a piece lands on “hell,” then that piece has to start all over again.

Please send your inquiries and questions regarding MyYut and MyRun benefits and rewards through the link below

※Game rewards and benefist can be changed in the near future. The details will be announced through Xverse community in the case.


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