MyRun Rewards & Benefits

3 min readDec 28, 2021


Benefits of Rare NFTs

● Depending on the rarity of each NFT, players are allowed to run into obstacles without falling. The sum of each category determines how many times a user can run into an obstacle each match without falling.

(You can check how many benefits you have through [Benefit X time] On the bottom of the start screen.

● Rarer NFTs are allowed more mistakes

Solo Play

● Solo play is a mode where a player plays alone

● Unlimited daily play time

● Players must play 5 games in order to receive daily rewards.

Reward reset time : 00:00 UTC

PVP Arena

● PVP Arena is a mode where play against other players

● When a player gets matched with an opponent through Arena mode, It is considered as 1 game play

● 10 Free games per day

Players who have played all of the free plays cannot play for the day.

  • Unused free games will be automatically reset at UTC 00:00
  • In order to participate in the Ranking, you will need to an extent amount of SOL for Gas Fees. The Gas Fees are used to record your scores on to the Solana Network.
  • Reward reset time : 00:00 UTC

Weekly Ranking

● Winners earn 100 ranking points towards their total weekly points

● A draw will give both players 50 points for the weekly ranking board

● Weekly rewards can be earned depending on the ranking points

● Weekly ranking is calculated by adding all of the earned points during the week and rewards XVC tokens to users accordingly.

● Ranking points reset time : Monday 00:00 UTC


  1. Daily Rewards

● 5 Solo plays is rewarded 20XVC a day

● Only 5 game plays are rewarded.

● Earn XVC is distributed to Phantom Wallets UTC 00:00

2) Weekly Rewards

● Players on weekly ranking board are rewarded

● Earn XVC is distributed to Phantom Wallets UTC 00:00

※ If there are multiple players with same points at same rank, reward will be divided 1/n.

Any inquiries regarding reward or benefit of MyRun, please use the link below.

This is the current version of reward and benefit for MyRun and could be changed in the future.

Any future changes will be announced through Xverse communities.


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