MyPick Marketplace Renewal

2 min readFeb 9, 2022


The MyPick NFT Marketplace is scheduled to reopen on February 10th, at 05:00 UTC.

Users that were unable to purchase rare Genesis NFTs, or missed out on the 2nd generation sale will be able to purchase MyPick avatar NFTs. In addition, current holders will be able to offer their NFTs for sale.

MarketPlace Changes

  1. Users will be able to buy and sell on the MyPick marketplace using either XVC tokens or SOL as the payment methods.
  2. Phantom wallet will be required in order to connect and interact with the marketplace.
  3. Price cannot be modified after listing for sale. In order to adjust the price, users will need to cancel their existing listing and relist their NFTs.
  4. If a user does not have enough SOL or XVC the transacation will fail. (Gas fee will be incurred).
  5. A 5% trading fee is charged on all sales. The seller will recieve the selling price -5%.

After a successful transacation, the NFT is automatically transferred to the buyer. The buyer will be able to immediately use the NFT on the MyPick website, and play MyRun and MyYut.

In the future, MyPick NFTs can be used within the RoMong metaverse.


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