MyPick — Community based NFT Platform

On September 15th, 2021, we will be launching our collectible 3d avatar service, “MyPick”.

MyPick is a community-based service, allowing users to collect digital art ‘toys’ , and share their personal collection with other users. Users will be able to collect three different types of ‘toys’, the “MyBrick” (MyPick art toy), celebrity art toys, and pet art toys.

MyPick users will be able to collect digital art toys, and create their own personal collection. Users will be able to share their unique collection to other users, to showcase their own personal tastes. Users will also be able to purchase and trade limited edition digital art toys in the form of NFTs, and will be able to utilize the NFTs across various Xverse platform services.

In addition, digital art toys will be able to be used as player avatars in our upcoming online boardgame, MyGround. Users will be use to their avatars to compete with other users online.

Next Generation NFTs

MyPick’s core avatar, MyBrick, will use Xverse’s facial recognition technology to create virtual avatars resembling the users’ face from selfies.

In addition NFTs featuring real celebrities will also be available, allowing fans to customize their favorite celebrities, however they wish.

Digital pet avatars will also be available. Users will be able to own NFT based rare pets that can be used as a companion to their own personal avatar.

MyPick Avatar NFT will be available to purchase via Paypal along with Ethereum and Solana.

In the future, users will be able to make purchases with their Xverse (XVC) tokens as well.

“Pickple” — “MyPick Community”

MyPick users are referred to as ,“Pickple” (derived from MyPick and People). Players will be able to publicly showcase their collection to the MyPick Community. Users will be able to create stories through the cards they hold, and share their feedback.

MyPick Minigames

Users will not only be able to purchase and hold NFTs, but they will also be able to bring their avatars into online competitive pvp minigames. Our first minigame will be a board game titled MyGround, set to release shortly.

Within the MyGround minigame, users will be able to use cryptocurrencies as in-game money, creating a new economic model for the metaverse.

In addition, more minigames are planned for the Ro:Mong platform as well.

MyPick Marketplace

When users purchase digital art toys, the items will automatically be added to their “MyPick” collection. These NFTs within users collection, can be sold on the MyPick marketplace. As more and more digital art toys are released, we anticipate the items available on the marketplace to become more and more dynamic.


User created items using our CreatorX studio, can be sold on our MyPick marketplace. (CreatorX is our design studio for users to create personalized digital assets)

Users will be able to create their own digital art toys, and buy & sell across our marketplace.

With the launch of our full digital ecosystem, featuring avatars, virtual space and virtual assets coming up soon, We hope that everyone is excited as we are for our next generation metaverse.


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