MyBrick 2nd Generation Sales

3 min readJan 31, 2022

Wallet Connection & Sign Up

How to log in as an existing member

  1. Select [Sign in] on MyPick website.

2. Select [Sign in With Phantom]

3. Enter your Phantom Wallet password and log in immediately.

How to sign up for a new member

  1. [SIGN UP] on MyPick website

2. There is no need for a separate e-mail link, and new members can sign up by connecting the Phantom Wallet.

Select [Sign in With Phantom] as you need to connect with your own Phantom Wallet

3. If you don’t have a connected phantom wallet, please install and connect it separately.

How to buy NFT

  1. Select [Card] on MyPick website

2. Select [Buy] on the purchase page.

3.Select a payment method with SOL or XVC and click the [Confirm] button.

4. Your phantom wallet will open and purchase when [Approve] is selected.

5. Confirm My Brick NFT purchase completion window.

6. You can check out Mybrick NFT in your Phantom Wallet.


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