My Yut reward guide

3 min readFeb 4, 2022


NFT Benefits
- MyYut game points will be calculated and added together, based on the rarity of NFT.
- NFT benefits will be reset after each game round. (Max 21 points)

2. PVP Arena
- 1:1 PVP Mode against other players.
- Free 100 points recharge every day (Must log-in once to receive)
- No limit on the number of plays a day, as long as the points are not burnt-out (minimum of 20 points required to enter 1 game)
- 5 points are deducted at the start of each game.
- After entering the arena, it is considered playing 1 matchplay.
- When you win, you receive all the points.

- Total points are calculated with MyBrick NFT Benefit points and 5 Victory points.
- The player’s ranking score is reflected in the Ranking Board from the points acqured from the game and MyBrick Benefits Score (upon earning negative points, only 5 Winning Points is applied)
- Players that lose the game do not receive any points.
- When a player leaves or give-up the game, the remaining player wins the game and acquires all the victory points.
- Weekly rewards are based on Ranking Board.

3. Weekly Ranking
- Weekly Ranking scores reflect from the sum of points receive in a week.
- The sum of Ranking Scores obtained by each NFT
- Distribution every Monday 09:00 UTC
- Reward distribution based on the ranking
- The leaderboard distribution are as follows

4. Reward
1) Daily Reward
- Playing 1 game in the PVP Arena
-> 2 XVC distributed only once to 1 gameplay a day
-> Daily reward distributed to each NFT
- Daily rewards will be calculated in a weekly base and distributed on Monday 09:00 UTC

2) Weekly Reward
- Rewards are distributed based on the Ranking Leaderboard
- The rewards are as follows

- The rewards are divided 1/n, if there are players with same scores.
- Weekly rewards are distributed in XVC to user’s Solana Wallet (Every Monday 09:00 UTC)

Please send your inquiries and questions regarding MyYut and MyRun benefits and rewards through the link below

※Game rewards and benefist can be changed in the near future. The details will be announced through Xverse community in the case.


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