Introducing RO:MONG

Social Media and virtual relationships are now the norm for the digital nomad generation(20s-30s), and they have become more comfortable with meeting and communicating through digital platforms. This generation are continuing to record and show their daily lives through social media, in some ways portraying a different lifestyle than reality.

This generation tends to use filters when taking photos to make their appearance better looking than in real life. Looking at the structure of social platforms, real life connections are essential which is why users of social media place importance on their image and how they are portrayed online. They constantly feel pressure and stress to show a better side of themselves than reality which is why they are greatly concerned about the reactions of their social media audience.

Unlike existing social media platforms, RO:MONG provides an anonymity-based social metaverse that allows confidentiality.

Users will communicate and express themselves with an identity of a customized avatar rather than a real-life photo and will be able to decorate their personal virtual space with various content and updates.

This will allow users to create their own “digital identity”, without the worry of being identified or judged by their peers.

Although RO:MONG’s platform operates with anonymity, users will be given the option to partially share their real-world identity.

Users can follow and interact with other user’s customized avatars and virtual spaces. Avatars will meet up and interact in virtual spaces (club, spa, park etc.) based on similar interests (stock, love, food etc.) The form of an avatar as an anonymous identity will enable users to communicate freely and will help users to form real relationships in a much more comfortable manner.

An integration of real and virtual is further achieved through a digital economy and a decentralized marketplace of which XVC, the platform’s in-currency is vital.

Using $XVC, RO:MONG users can expand their world of RO:MONG by creating content and producing items, including avatar customization and virtual space crafting. This will provide RO:MONG users the opportunity to earn profits from trading items and promoting content. XVC tokens will be used in all aspects within the platform such as when promoting paid spaces.

RO:MONG’s platform in-currency XVC tokens allow users to use services and generate economic activity within the metaverse. Users worldwide can also participate easily in the RO:MONG ecosystem without geographic restrictions and can transact using XVC coins to earn a real income.

RO:MONG is not just an online game or social platform but is another world where users are almost given another life and a chance to express themselves freely whilst engaging in economic activities. This digital metaverse opens the gateway to infinite entertainment possibilities and the opportunity to live a greater life. This is RO:MONG.

The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.