Genesis NFT Purchase Guide

Now that the whitelisting for our Genesis NFT has completed, we have created a quick user guide on how to purchase the Genesis NFT.

First, login to the Mypick website

MyPick.ai and press the “My Wallet” button.

Upon logging in, verify your Solana deposit address, and deposit 1 Solana (don’t forget about gas fees!)

Confirmations should take around 3 minutes for the deposit to be reflected.

Return to the wallet and verify the deposit has been made.
Note: deposited Solana are auto-converted to “MyPick”. 166 Points = 1 Solana.

Return to the homepage and press the ‘Purchase’ button.

Complete the purchase flow, and verify the terms and conditions.

Enter the Pin number created when registering your MyPick account.

Click on ”Collection” to check your new Genesis NFT.

The package later will be available to open, revealing your individual Genesis NFT Avatar.

Please note that:
The sale will end at 04:00 8th, Oct, 2021 UTC+0
After this date , you will be no longer able to purchase the MyPick Genesis NFT.

Thank you for your participation, and welcome to the Xverse universe!

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