Announcing MyYut — 2nd Xverse P2E Game

3 min readJan 6, 2022

The second P2E game to be released by Xverse is MyYut(Yutnori), based on a traditional Korean Board Game. MyYut is only playable in 1:1 PVP Arena mode.

Each user begins the game with 3 Avatars, and the goal is to move the avatars around the board, back to the start point. The game is played between two users, and the game is won by the player who brings their 3 avatars around the board first.

There are a total of 29 spaces on the board, and players move their avatars either diagonally or straight, around the board.

Heaven and Hell are randomly placed on the board.

Landing on the Heaven spot, automatically brings the avatar to the final spot on the map. If a player lands on the Hell spot, the avatar is returned to the starting point, and has to start over.

Everyday players will receive 100 points by signing in. By beating an opponent you will “take” their points. Vice Versa, by losing a match you will lose points.

When a user runs out of points, they will be unable to play anymore that day. If a user wishes to continue, they can purchase more daily points using XVC tokens.

Similar to benefits in MyRun, Avatars have special benefits in MyYut based on their trait rarity. In MyYut, rarer NFTs will receive a more points in game.

+The points acquired in the game will be reflected in the weekly ranking score, and XVC rewards will be paid out based on ranking to the top 10 players.

10th to 5th place rewards 700 XVC

4th ~ 2nd place rewards 1,400 XVC

1st place receives 2800 XVC

Even if you do not make it to the weekly ranking, players who complete 1 match a day will receive 5 XVC daily.

MyYut is scheduled to launch in January 2022, and is the second P2E game within the Xverse ecosystem.


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