Announcing MyRUN — Competitive P2E Minigame

>>Teaser Video<<

MyRun is the first blockchain-based game created by Xverse. The game is a 1:1 racing game where players must avoid obstacles and win the race by reaching the destination first

To participate in the game, you will need at least one MyBrick. MyBrick is not only a ticket to participate in the game, but also your very own character within the game. Your MyBrick NFT avatar will be the character you control within the game.

In Myrun, Mybrick will able to use their powers. Using the powers of your Mybrick, you will be able to earn XVC rewards based on your winnings and also participate in all upcoming Xverse minigames.

Within the game, players can use the a special “boost” skill at any time during the game in order increase the speed and be more efficient in avoiding obstacles to overtake opponents and arrive at the destination much faster. But choose wisely! The boost skill can only be used once per match.

Players who complete daily quests and maintain top position in the leaderboard each week, will be rewarded with further XVC rewards.

MyRun is scheduled to launch in Late December 2021


For the first month of launch, we will be boosting in-game rewards 5x.

We plan on launching many more games in the future, and all games will yield $XVC tokens, including another minigame in January!

We will be distributing 120,000 $XVC tokens per game every month, with rewards increasing as more and more games are released.

75,000 $XVC tokens will be distributed to users for simply logging in daily and winning 5 matches in a day! Note, Users will have a limited number of matches they can play per day, based on the number of genesis NFT they are holding.

Each win will yield tokens, and 75,000 $XVC tokens will be distributed to players Monthly!

In addition, 44,800 $XVC tokens will be set aside for weekly rewards.
We will feature a live leaderboard, and the top 10 players every week will share the weekly reward pool!

We will continue to launch new games, and we will be announcing our second minigame shortly!

Note: In order to play Xverse MyPick Minigames an Avatar NFT is required.

NFT avatars can be purchased on MyPick Marketplace here



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The All-In-One Blockchain Platform for Real-Time Metaverse Community and Your Digital Twin.

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